Company Basic Policies

  • The company is a private company which was established based on goodwill and professionally moves as huge and everlasting company.
  • Company and all its personals commit to preserve the trusteeship from all connected aspects, internally and externally. Company also hopes for blessing for all efforts.
  • Company has to develop and enrich positive values of customers, employees, shareholders to maintain the integrity, so it will be able to create the selling identity and brand image.
  • The company’s goal is to achieve optimum profit from its products and services. Company was established to have social function and give meaningful benefits for its customers, employees and shareholders.
  • By noticing the professional relationship, company does not allow its personals to receive personal discount/tips/fee/sales commission in the form of money and goods. All of company’s executives are not permitted to do “the side job” without management’ permission.
  • Company has to direct its good values by developing professional business companionship in cooperation with investor and every selling system of its products and services.
  • Every company’s personals that have responsibility as a leaders have to be a role model for other employees. This responsibility is based on the equality of humanity.